Vikings golf welcomes new team members

by Portia White

Orcas Island High School

This golf season, the Vikings have two new members to the coaching staff. Bob Nutt is the head coach and is welcomed by assistant coach Ryan Kennedy along with Phil Comito.

With the new coaches, Nutt is looking forward to being able to focus more on each player individually.

This year, the Vikings are joined by three new members to the team, bringing them to six boys and three girls. With a team being five, the girls are two players short, however, Nutt doesn’t seem to be worried as this was the case last year. The boys, however, will just take five out of the six scores for each match.

“It’s a great group of kids,” Nutt explained. “Even those that have not played before are athletes and if you are an athlete, you can play golf.”

Nutt is hoping for at least three or four players to go onto state at the end of the season after three qualified last year. He is looking forward to a great season ahead. “They just have to get out and play some golf.”

The Vikings first match will take place on March 12 at Mount Vernon Christian.