Viking boys win first soccer game

By Marty Zier

The Viking boys soccer team successfully started the fall sports season on Sept. 8, winning the first league game against the LaConner Braves, 7-0.

Orcas traveled with a squad of only 12 players and faced a revamped LaConner team.

“After a couple of near misses early on, Viking forward Ethan White put Orcas on the scoreboard with a calm, accurate strike that was followed soon after by a goal from August Groeninger, who dribbled it in from the right wing on a juking, twisting run and placed it neatly in the corner,” said Coach Terry Turner. “As the half wore on, the Viking’s tough and experienced defense lead by senior Skyler Gregg and Junior Dominic Wareham began to assert itself and virtually shut down the Brave’s attacking players. Orcas went to break with a 3-0 lead with a goal added by Levi Moss.”

He added, “Going into the second half, emergency substitute goal keeper Kellan Maier returned to his normal position at midfield, and working with freshman Leo Van Putten, the two midfielders spurred some great combination play with the forward lineup. The midfield change allowed hardworking attacker Moss to move to forward, who scored two more goals in the second half.”

Turner continued, “I was very proud of how some of our newer players fit in with the team. Excellent, tough efforts were put in by Sophomore Mario Rodriguez at defense and freshmen Leo Van Puten and Douglas Ha at midfield.”