Golfers swing into action

by Marty Zier

Sports contributor

Bobby Olmsted has returned as head coach for another year with what he calls, “his mighty band of fearless golfers” with help from Assistant Coach Bob Nutt. Numbers for golf are good with four new players making this one of the bigger teams Olmsted has coached in the past 16 years.

“These players are tough; we play in the wind, cold and heavy rain, and we practice in this stuff every day,” said Olmsted. “The team looks ready and eager to play this spring and the players are determined to do better than last year. We have a great mix of beginner and intermediate players plus experienced golfers who played in district and state golf tournaments. I am already seeing the better players help the beginners and there is a wonderful chemistry between all of them. They have been putting in some tough practices in horrible conditions with lots of laughter as well. We are all having a good time and the possibilities for each player are endless, and with their attitude, they will succeed.”

Olmsted is very optimistic about the team’s performance this year.

“Keep an eye on this team, I expect a very good season and with some hard work who knows what the end result will be,” he said.

Viking golf starts on San Juan March 21 against Friday Harbor.