Girls soccer team is committed to the season

by Coach Chama Anderson

The 2019 soccer season holds possibilities, challenge, opportunity, and expansion of oneself and abilities for all these athletes. The unification of team, tactical understanding and technical development have been on the forefront of their training as they solidified their commitment together.

The qualities this team posseses include a strong foundation to build and deepen a faceted player and program. As a coach, I look forward to the unveiling talent the players discover within themselves as they courageously meet and move through their own limits. They all are wonderful human beings I am grateful to coach. Our seniors are Birdie Greening, Maya Heikkinen, Arla Sutton, Camryn Thompson and Destiny Wright. The juniors are Sofia Fleming, Grace Gustafson, Izie Janecek, Anwyn Thompson, Corrah Wood and Miette Woolworth. Sophomores include Lokahi Anuenue, Lily Brandt and Ella Bigbee. The freshmen are Celia Groeninger and Nisha Woolworth. Our experienced coaching staff consists of Stephanie Cave and Alison O’Toole as assistants and Chama Anderson as the head coach. We have an exciting 12-game season ahead of us.