Girls soccer seasons starts strong

Girls soccer seasons starts strong

  • Fri Sep 14th, 2018 4:12pm
  • Sports

by Ryan Wilson

Orcas Island School District Athletic Director

The 2018 season of the Lady Vikings girls soccer team has begun with a high level of commitment, hard work and openness to learning.

“As a coach, I am grateful to have a group of athletes willing to step into their strength, intelligence, the discovery of new skills and fine-tune the ones they bring with them,” said coach Chama Anderson. “This season is an opportunity for all of us to grow individually and as a team in the expansion of our collective awareness and knowledge while laying down a solid foundation of leadership, team unity, joy and technical and tactical soccer skills.”

The team of 16 athletes includes Chela Mohler, Emilie Fratantonio, Birdie Greening, Arla Sutton, Maya Heikkinen, Camryn Thompson, Ella Bigbee, Izie Janecek, Anwyn Thompson, Emma Rodgers, Kathryn Aspinall, Sofia Fleming, Lokahi Anuenue, Flora Lister, Grace Gustafson and Olivia Brunner-Gaydos.

In addition to Anderson, Rosedanie Cadet, Stephanie Shaw and Alison O’Toole will coach and mentor these young ladies.

“Come and cheer them on,” Anderson said.