Four Viking boys receive athletic honors

  • Mon Mar 14th, 2016 10:03pm
  • Sports

Four members of the Orcas High School received stand out honors this year for their athletic performance during the season.

“It is a very fair process. Each coach presents their players, and then a voting occurs. The catch is that you may not vote for any of your own players,” said coach Corey Wiscomb. “So when a player is elected it is because they earned that respect around the league with their high standard of play.”

Nominated to First Team All-League was sophomore Vanya Bullock for his consistent high-level effort and play as both a scorer, rebounder, and defender. Nominated to second Team All-League was Senior Pasha Bullock who was perhaps the stand out point guard of the entire league in terms of ball-handling and team leadership. And receiving Honorable Mention from the league for their efforts on the floor this season were Aidan Kruse and Jordan Randolph.

“I’m very proud of the players for always working hard and crafting a successful season,” said Wiscomb. “One of the things I’m also most proud of this year is that not one single player on our Varsity team had to miss a day due to academic ineligibility. They were taking care of business on both ends and that leads to strong character.”