A seasoned team, looking at state

  • Wed Dec 7th, 2016 1:30am
  • Sports

by Marty Zier

Sports contributor

Corey Wiscomb returns as head coach for his fourth year, after building the boys’ basketball program last season to one of best seasons in recent memory, finishing 11-3 in the league.

But despite a strong season, Wiscomb and the team are not satisfied.

“We had a great season but it was not good enough to get us to state and the players have made it very clear that state is the goal this year,” said Wiscomb. “It is no secret that Orcas Island comes with a target on their back for each and every game they play … and they wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Returning nearly every starter this year, Wiscomb has confidence in his seasoned team.

“They are a strong unit with a solid five on the floor and a few on the bench that could turn into starters anytime. It has been a long road of Spring trainings, summer camps, and years of patience, hard work, and learning the how-to progress. I know it sounds a little hippy, but I fully believe that it all starts with self-respect and love. Learn patience for yourself, your teammates, coaches, school, and community. Work hard, stay positive, there’s nothing they can’t achieve. Basketball is just the medium. Love is the practice. Convincing young men to really commit to their dreams, athletic or otherwise, and then pour every last bit of their heart that they can muster is what my job is all about. Win or lose, they will learn something about themselves that I hope will last a lifetime. And I’ve found that in the process, so do I. I won’t lie – being a strong team means that there is more of a weight to bear this year. I encourage the players to admit their weaknesses, physical or otherwise, so they can then set to working on them, and in the process develop true strength. If we do that as a team, we will be all right.”

The Viking men had their season home opener in a non-league contest on Dec. 2 against 1A Bush Academy. The boys won, 54-48.