Plateso Reviews: Legit Custom Diet Planner or Hidden Dangers Revealed?

Are you tired of bland diets and food choices that taste like cardboard? With Plateso, you get your diet plan done for you by a team of nutritional experts. If you’ve struggled to count calories in the past, you no longer have to worry about it.

Every Plateso recipe includes a breakdown of the nutritional value and macros, with calorie counts that fit into your diet plan and weight loss goals.

Plateso believes in creating healthy meal plans that deliver fat-loss results. The tasty meals have plenty of flavor and contain ingredients you enjoy eating. There’s no need to go on a restrictive diet when Plateso manages your calories and meals.

Choose Your Diet Strategy With Plateso

When you sign up with Plateso, the quick introductory quiz allows you to tailor your dietary preference to your preferred dieting strategy. There are 12 meal plans available for every style of living.

You get options for Mediterranean, keto, paleo, Atkins low-carb, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, diabetes, DASH diet, gluten-free, low-FODMAP, or “no specific diet” restrictions. If you can’t stand cauliflower, you can leave out any ingredients you don’t like from your recipes.

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Don’t Compromise on Flavor for Weight Loss Results

All Plateso meals are delicious and full of flavor. Plateso has a team of chefs designing your meal plans, ensuring you get a tasty way to lose weight instead of dry chicken breast, boiled broccoli, and brown rice three times a day.

Switch Up Your Meal Plans at Any Time

Maybe you want to switch from keto to FODMAP, or you find you don’t like asparagus all of a sudden? That’s okay. Log your food preferences in your dashboard, and Plateso will adjust your meal plans accordingly.

How Does Plateso Work?


Plateso offers a unique meal plan tailored to your dietary requirements, weight loss goals, and activity levels. Plateso aims to take the guesswork out of counting calories and planning meals. Its innovative platform gives you access to everything you need to manage your nutrition in one space.

You access your membership area on the Plateso platform, where you can view your diet plans, recipes, and grocery lists directly from your Apple or Android device. Every Plateso membership comes with the following perks.

  • A customizable, personalized diet plan that delivers results.
  • Ideas for delicious, convenient meals that are easy to prepare.
  • Ingredient substitutions to suit your requirements.
  • A grocery list is available right on your phone when you’re shopping.
  • Access to nutritional support is available 24 hours a day.
  • Printable and downloadable meal plans and recipes.
  • Full support for calculating macros like fats, carbs, and proteins.

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Complete the Custom Diet Quiz

With Plateso, you can achieve your weight goals healthily and sustainably. You get a steady progression through your weight loss journey, ensuring you keep seeing weekly progress.

The quiz comprises a series of questions to determine your lifestyle and diet requirements and your current health status. You’ll answer the following with a click of your mouse. No writing is required.

  • What is your gender?
  • What is your dietary preference? (Paleo, keto, etc.)
  • What foods do you want to exclude from your diet plan?
  • How often do you exercise?
  • What is your age?
  • What is your height?
  • What is your current and target body weight?

After completing the quiz, you get routed to another page where you enter your email address. You can access a personalized health report and meal plans by subscribing to Plateso.

Receive a Personalized Meal Plan

You’ll get a customized meal plan tailored to your unique calorie requirements. The program includes recipes, dietary information, and grocery lists in one convenient interface.

Follow Your Plan & Adjust as You Go

With the Plateso membership dashboard, you can keep track of your progress and see how far you’ve come in achieving your dieting goals. Adjust your plan as you progress and keep moving closer to your goal weight.

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What Weight Loss Results Can I Expect with Plateso Diet Planner?

When you have the right strategy, follow the plan, and you’ll get results. If you stick to your Pateso meal plans, you’re guaranteed success. Each meal plan is tailored to your calorie needs and adjusts weekly to your weight loss goal.

It’s hard to guarantee a specific fat loss amount because everyone is different. However, Plateso customizes every meal plan to ensure you experience consistent, safe weight loss. Most users report a steady drop of two pounds weekly on the scale and see excellent results in twelve weeks.

Your results may be better, depending on your starting weight and BMI. If your BMI is high, you can expect weight loss of up to 4 to 8 lbs in the first week as your body drops the bloat and excess water. However, if you have a mid-range BMI, you might experience less of a rapid drop in the first week and a constant rate of fat loss from now on.

Factors like exercise and supplementation also affect your results and can fast-track your efforts. Plateso offers a flexible calorie intake to accelerate results per your lifestyle and plan.

Plateso Pros

  • Meal plans to suit any lifestyle.
  • Reach your weight loss goals with effective calorie management.
  • Meal plans change every week.
  • Change your meal plans at any time.
  • Guaranteed results.
  • Discounts are available for more extended memberships.

Plateso Cons

  • No option for meal delivery service is included.
  • You have to do all the shopping and prep yourself.

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What Does It Cost to Start with Plateso Diet Planner?

After taking the quiz and receiving your results, you can join Plateso Diet Planner for a monthly subscription fee. The site has three tiers.

  • 2-Month Meal Plan Membership: $19 per month
  • 4-Month Meal Plan Membership: $17 per month
  • 6-Month Meal Plan Membership: $15 per month

Considering you get a 60-day money-back guarantee on your purchase, it’s worth diving in for the six-month meal plan and saving $24. You can consistently enforce your return policy if you don’t like it.

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Plateso Diet Planner FAQs

Q: What Are People Saying About Their Experience and Results With a Plateso Diet Planner?

A: Plateso has become the favored diet planner for countless individuals worldwide. Plateso offers a personalized meal plan to help individuals achieve their weight loss and physique goals, regardless of location, ethnicity, or lifestyle. The official website features testimonials from verified users claiming outstanding results with their Plateso meal plan.

Q: Do I Get a Guarantee on My Results and Expectations With Plateso Diet Planner?

A: Yes! Plateso is so confident you’ll love the value it brings to your life that it guarantees your purchase for 60 days. If you’re not satisfied with Plateso, you can request a refund. You are free to cancel at any time! It’s quick and easy.

  • Contact them by email at: support@plateso.com

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Q: Who Can Benefit From Using Plateso Diet Planner?

A: Plateso suits any lifestyle choice, from FOODMAP to Keto. There are 12 diet plan strategies to choose from when you set up your account with the quiz. Plateso caters to all lifestyles and dieting strategies. You get actual results, regardless of the plan.

Q: What if I Don’t Like the Meal Plans Plateso Gives Me?

A: If you don’t like your meal plan, ask Plateso to change it. Plateso wants you to enjoy every meal while achieving your physique goals. There’s no need to eat things you don’t like when you can lose weight by eating your favorite foods!

Q: How Often Does Plateso Update Its Meal Plans?

A: Plateso understands you need variety in your diet. Eating the same meals gets boring, and Plateso wants to satisfy your calorie and palate requirements. Plateso updates personalized meal plans weekly to ensure things don’t get stale. Your updated meals are available through the member’s area on the site. The site also has beneficial resources like recipes, meal plans, and grocery lists ready to download to your iOS or Android device.

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Plateso Diet Planner – The Verdict

Plateso offers customizable meal plans that suit any lifestyle. We took the “keto” option when taking the quiz and found the questionnaire informative. The quiz results, recommendations, timeline, and meal plan all seemed reasonable and accurate.

The member’s area dashboard provides easy access to meal plans and support, allowing flexible changes. Overall, the quality on offer and value for your diet and fat loss journey are excellent.

You get grocery lists, meal plans, and recipes that are easy to follow and prepare, even if you don’t have culinary skills. The regularly updated meal plans give Plateso a competitive advantage, separating it from the competition.

Overall, we give Plateso a 4.7/5 stars for its offering. We highly recommend this innovative meal planning service to help you achieve weight loss goals.

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