Yes for Power | Letter

It is with great enthusiasm that I offer my endorsement of Nick Power to be San Juan County’s next prosecuting attorney. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Nick and his family for their love of our community and their willingness to work tirelessly toward improving the quality of life in their many areas of expertise.

As a 30-year resident of Friday Harbor, I have witnessed the results of our criminal justice system not taking a hard stance against drug trafficking. Crime has increased significantly to support the purchase of drugs. It is my understanding that drugs are readily available for purchase at our schools. This is not acceptable.

It is time for a change.

I share Nick’s concerns regarding the epidemic of hard drugs on the island. I have read many reports by islanders who witness drug sales and other nefarious activities in their neighborhoods; they report the incidents, giving names, dates, time, vehicle license numbers and descriptions and nothing is done. If the problem is the current laws make it too difficult to prosecute drug dealers It is time to change the laws.

We need a criminal justice system and mental health services that meet the needs of our community.

I highly endorse Nick’s plan to bring more mental health treatment into the system for those addicted to drugs. Punishment does not solve the problem.

In his own words, Nick “wants to make San Juan County a safer, fairer and better place to live, work and be.” I know Nick to be a man of high integrity, a man whose word can be trusted.

Other supporters (who happen to be attorneys or in law enforcement and want change) have been quoted: “Nick does the right thing whether anyone is watching or not.”; “he is highly qualified for the position…” He is dedicated to fairness and transparency… We encourage voters to elect Nick Power for our next prosecuting attorney.”

Please join me in voting for Nick Power, prosecuting attorney for the people.

Doris M. Sumner

Friday Harbor