Ways to get inspired this winter | Letter

It’s a new year and with it comes possibilities and the always returning resolutions to better ourselves. We make promises to lose weight, exercise more, be kinder and find balance. Are these fresh starts attainable? Some say no.

According to a recent story in Business Insider, setting unrealistic goals may not be the best way to start the new year.

In an interview with Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist and Harvard Business School professor, the story states that most often people cannot attain their resolutions and then suffer negative emotions related to that failure.

“We’re really bad at setting reasonable goals,” Cuddy, who has researched goal-setting extensively.

This led us to wonder what goals are reasonable and how can they be achieved.

We at the Sounder conclude that getting exercise is one of the best New Year’s resolutions to actually make good on. We could highlight the long list of research that links health and happiness to fitness – or we could just tell you how to get fit this year.

Thankfully our community is rich in people looking for health in numerous ways. This winter Orcas Park and Rec offers the snow bus, community swimming and drop-in soccer games. Also check out pick-up volleyball games at the school gym.

One of the best ways to actually fulfill a goal is having a buddy to do the activity with. The best thing about park and rec events is that they’re all group opportunities for fun and physical activities.

Of course there are many other ways to get your heart rate up. Grab a friend and head to the gym when it’s rainy outside, or if there is a break in the clouds go to Moran State Park and jump on a trail for a luscious journey through old-growth forest.

The time for change is now, so go!