Vote for Bob Jarman | Letter

Bob Jarman is the obvious choice for County Council District 1. Having known Bob for over twenty years, I feel qualified to make that statement. We first met when Jarman was manager of our local phone company PTI. In working with him on a technology project for the four San Juan County School Districts, I was impressed with his dedication, expertise and his leadership ability. Sometime after CenturyTel purchased PTI, Bob retired as manager of the phone company and became a small business owner of Island Communications ane Electric. When he decided to run for county council, he sold his interest in the business. What I most appreciate about Bob is that he is not a politician. He is not, and never has been, a member of a special interest group or political party. He answers only to the citizens of San Juan County and his decisions as a councilman are reached after listening to all sides and seeking solutions through collaboration and cooperation. Bob Jarman has proven in his first term that decisions he makes on the council are for the best of ALL county residents, not a select few. Bob speaks plainly and honestly, rather than in bumper sticker slogans that I have heard from others in the council race. Whether it is the issue of lack of affordable rental housing, Growler noise, or essential public services, Bob researches the issues, listens to all sides, seeks collaboration, and weighs all possible consequences of a decision before making up his mind. This is a refreshing distinction from others whose first response to any problem is to create a new property tax or regulation. His leadership, problem-solving ability and genial nature have been an asset to the county and the county council. Please join me in voting for Bob Jarman.

Minnie Knych

Friday Harbor