Toni — filled with gratitude

I’m deeply grateful to the voters of Orcas for their wonderful support they gave me in our effort to elect a Fire Commission as good as our terrific firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs.

In my many years on Orcas, I’ve learned that people here are smart, down-to-earth and willing to pay for government services, but only if they are well-managed. The primary election outcome is a wake-up call that it’s time for a change at our Fire Commission.

Now that the primary is behind us and with 75% of voters rejecting the fire levy, I, with a team of others, will begin collaborating with Orcas residents, first responders and fire commission candidates to form an ad hoc committee to look at what a replacement levy would look like and how it would best serve the future of Orcas Island. I want the community and the members of Orcas Island Fire & Rescue to know there is hope.

I want to thank my fellow candidates, Kate Hansen and Leith Templin, for their clean, well-run campaigns. Kate would make a great fire commissioner, and she is my friend. Finally, Leith deserves our thanks for her service as she finishes her time at the Commission. She has done many good things for our community over the decades, and I salute her.

Toni Knudson