The next generation of print journalists | Editorial

We couldn’t be more proud to feature a very special section within this week’s paper: the Viking Voice.

When we first heard that a group of students and their teacher Chris Waage were spearheading a resurrection of the Orcas School newspaper, we immediately offered to help. We loved the idea of young writers and photographers feeling passionate about journalism.

The intrepid journalists are: Keith Light, Emma Heikkinen, Magdalyn Paige, Rachel Brewer, Devon Mann, Jo Gudgell, Ray Doss, Emily Nichols, Anneke Fleming, Olivia Smith, Zach Waage, Claire Bishop Martin and Kaya Osborne.

After the first web edition of their paper came out, we were so impressed by the students’ professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm. You can check out the online version, including archives of previous volumes, at

As they started work on the print product of their paper, we offered advice and tips, which they took eagerly. But honestly, we were surprised at how little they needed our direction. These kids are naturals.

In this era of virtual journalism, where anyone with a cellphone and a computer can upload “news” to the internet, it was refreshing to hear kids be so jazzed about printing a physical version of the Viking Voice. Contrary to national perception, small town newspapers are alive and well because the community members who support them are engaged and connected to one another. These young people are the next generation of journalists.

So check out the 100 percent student-produced newspaper inside the Sounder. There are stories about students, the arts, sports – they’ve even got an opinion section. They produced a well-rounded paper that we are hoping becomes an annual tradition. Go Vikings!