Thank you to Chris Brems, Dean Carey


Enchanted Forest Cabaret is the artistic jewel box of designer Chris Brems!

This is his fourth year of designing and constructing the set for Enchanted Forest Cabaret and is such an integral part of the experience for us all!

For me, working with him is a stage director’s dream come true. I gave him my story for Transylvania Express’O and he came up with the environment, the colors, the design and then single-handedly constructed every detail of it!

Although I emailed asking to make sure Chris was mentioned in the article, along with Dean Carey, my wild, wonderful costume designer, neither was mentioned in the article and I felt so sad that the community would not be made aware of the amazing talent of these two designers and the many, many hours as volunteers they have contributed making the production’s visuals.

Get your tickets and celebrate with me, Chris Brems and Dean Carey’s artistic contributions!

Deborah Sparks

Orcas Center