State of the youth address | Letters

As a teacher here on the island I have the privilege of witnessing countless acts of social engagement and responsibility. Students identify issues that need addressing and then do something about it. This is one of the reasons why I love teaching here.

This summer I have had the opportunity to witness the same thing from a young man from California who is here for only a few months and is working for us at the Orcas Hotel. His name is Jacob Charez. Jacob was eager to check out our skate park. No wonder. It is one of the finest in the country and was built with lots of community involvement, passion and collaboration. Over the years and lots and lots of use, there have been a few repairs that needed addressing. Jacob noticed it, and said he wanted to make the necessary repairs. With advice and the necessary materials needed gifted from Paul at Island Hardware and a couple of new friends he met on the island, Rhys and Carson, Jacob has made the necessary repairs. All of our local youth that use the park and those visiting will benefit from this act of involvement.

So I would like to say, “Thank you” to Jacob and all the others like him. When asked how I feel about the youth of today, I say, “ I couldn’t be prouder.”

Laura Tidwell

Orcas Island