Response to EWUA claims | Letter

The EWUA board agreed that the 2023 ballot to elect new directors did not have the correct number of seats to be voted on. EWUA refused to correct the error and, instead, went to Court to defend that error.

The third highest vote recipient, Jim Cook, was appointed to the board but he was prevented from voting by the directors trying to protect those who did wrong and to continue to hide their financial malfeasance. Only after that majority was established was Cook then allowed to perform his duties as a director. All this occurred while they knew my lawsuit was pending where I was asking the court to order a new, correct election. We members own EWUA as a private co-op. This is a suit I brought to protect our rights as members.

Not all decisions made by the illegitimate board since the defective election have to be voided. But, EWUA refuses to come to the table and discuss alternatives. It would rather spend $60,000 in Member money and another $20,000 in the next week than to risk having a board that might look at the finances of the Association. This is the definition of malfeasance.

It cost $200 to conduct the 2022 election. It cost $2,000 to conduct the 2023 election. For the Association to say it will cost another $50,000 to conduct a corrective election is unconscionable.

Do you approve of what your representatives are doing?

Mike Parnell

Orcas Island