Re-elect Jarman | Letter

I first met Bob Jarman when he was in charge of Pacific Telephone operations here in the county. Those were the days when you actually felt satisfied if you had a problem and called in for service. They actually knew we were on an island and cared about getting your phones fixed. Customer service was a big part of Bob’s approach to his job.

Century Tel bought out Pacific Tel and decided to move customer contact elsewhere. Bob retired and joined a small business here on San Juan Island. In moving from a large business to a small one, he was even more focused on customer service and listening to his customers. I am one of them and well satisfied with Bob’s approach to his job and to his life.

Bob was also a commissioner for fire district 3 during the period when both fire departments on the island were merged and lots of debt was retired. All this while maintaining or improving the ability of the fire department in the eyes of the insurance companies. Bob was watching out for his constituents in this job too. Almost four years ago, Bob was elected to the county council representing San Juan. As one of the three members, he has been involved in a wide range of issues and is always available to the public to find out their positions. If you have an issue to discuss, Bob is always available to discuss any subject. Bob continues with his approach to customer service. When the chips are down, we can count on Bob Jarman to study all the issues and represent his constituents. He is not associated with any organizations with a set agenda but wants to find what is best for the overall population. He knows he can’t satisfy all the people all the time and tries to take positions that he feels are the best for the most people.

I will be proud and happy to cast my vote for Bob Jarman for County Council District 1.

Dave Vandaveer

Friday Harbor