Positive changes at the Derelict Vessel Program | Editorial

The Sounder applauds the Derelict Vessel Removal program and Joanruth Baumann for a job well done, not only for removing 75 unsightly and environmentally dangerous boats from the water, but also for revitalizing the program to the point that it’s become a model for the state.

Local boaters and shoreside residents well remember rotting hulks and leaking illegal liveaboards, which dotted bays and anchorages throughout the county and sometimes sunk. Our waters are cleaner and safer now, but some 20 derelict boats still await removal and more derelicts can be expected.

As Marc Forlenza takes the helm of the program, the Sounder is encouraged by his past involvement in raising matching funds required by the state and by his evident dedication to build on Baumann’s successful tenure.

The pollution danger and the cost of removal increases ten-fold when a boat sinks. Forlenza is asking islanders to notify if him if they know of an abandoned boat or one that is in danger of sinking. Call 472-1644 or email getmark@aol.com.

We are confident that Forlenza will keep up the good work of the vessel removal program. Our waters are grateful.