Please breach the dams | Letter

Breach the Snake River dams so we can feed our baby orcas. No baby orcas were born and lived for most of a three-year span, and now with many baby orcas born in the past year, we wonder how they will all make it. We have many salmon now, but just last year we lost J32 Rhapsody, a fully pregnant female, to nutritional deficiency. The water is warmer and things are dying up and down the coast. The salmon may not fare as well in coming years. I remember in the years before the capture era, there were many more salmon, and they were especially tasty from different home rivers. But they stopped coming and a lot of things changed. If you could change back one thing? Bring back the salmon. Give them back the thousands of miles of spawning home waters that were blocked. Remove the four lower Snake River Dams. This is good for your families too. Please do it so we may raise more healthy orcas and move away from this looming threat that we will disappear forever into extinction. We need your help. Breach the dams. Thanks for listening.

Mayor Granny