Orcas man forfeits $10,000 in bail following no-show in court

The whereabouts of an Orcas Island man accused of multiple felonies and of misdemeanor assault remain unknown.

His repeated failure to show up in court, however, will end up costing either he or the bail/bond company that posted $10,000 bail on his behalf some serious cash.

On Aug. 29, Jayson Richard Williams, 40, forfeited $10,000 in bail as part of a decision handed down in San Juan County Superior Court. Two weeks earlier, a $20,000 bench warrant was issued for his arrest following the latest in a string of missed court appearances.

According to court documents, Williams was charged in early June with assault in violation of a protection order, a Class C felony, and with fourth-degree assault and interfering with reporting of domestic violence, both of which are misdemeanors. He missed a court date in late June and was later apprehended and booked into jail in mid-July. He was then released on $10,000 bail pending an appearance in court.

Williams failed to appear in court in late July and was then charged with bail jumping, a Class C felony.

The $10,000 in bail which was posted by a Vancouver, Wash.-based bail/bond company on Williams behalf will be turned over to the clerk of the court, and then deposited in the county’s general fund. Whether the company can recoup it’s loss from Williams remains to be seen.