Kudos to the Food Co-op and Rosario Resort | Letter

My adult daughter recently came to stay with me and my husband. She was badly injured when a pickup truck struck her while she was crossing the street several years ago. One of the greatest challenges she faces daily is hypersensitivity to light and to sound due to a brain injury. Just imagine that you can’t go into a store, restaurant, library, bank or any building where there are bright, particularly fluorescent, lights and music playing overhead. If your brain is functioning properly, you probably don’t even notice the bright lights and music. I know I didn’t before.

So we were very grateful when we went to shop at the Orcas Food Co-op. The lights were blazing and the music blaring until I explained my daughter’s situation. Betsy took the lead in accommodating my daughter. She turned off the majority of the lights and the music so my daughter could shop. Incredible!

The next hurdle was being able to use the facilities at Rosario for some much-needed exercise. Again, the people at the front desk have been so understanding along with the crew in the spa in turning off the lights in the pool and allowing the lights to be off in the equipment room. Incredible!

We are so thankful to live in a place where two businesses recognized a special need and responded graciously. If you come to the co-op early some day or to Rosario Spa and it looks subdued and is quiet, my daughter may be there. Thanks for your understanding, too.

Janice Wiemeyer

Orcas Island