Kline fit for Orcas schools superintendent role

It suddenly seems as if our public schools’ administrative structure is back on kilter. Only time will tell, of course, but in the absence of certainty, there’s nothing wrong with hope.

And hard work is the best harbinger of success. On that score, newly appointed Orcas Island School District Superintendent Barbara Kline has proved herself over and over. Kline has demonstrated professionalism, inspiration and devotion to her job and throughout her career as Orcas Island’s middle and high school principal.

Perhaps the most notable quality of her leadership is her loyalty to her team. “Loyalty down breeds loyalty up,” the saying goes, and Kline’s respect for the teachers, coaches, and staff who work with her has earned her a following that will continue to go to the mat for Orcas Island public education.

Over the past four years and three superintendents, Kline’s endeavors to deliver the best education to all students has been characterized by flexibility, patience, good humor and courage. She continues to inspire teachers, encourage parents, and negotiate that tricky line between counselor, disciplinarian and good sport that a principal must maintain. The district has every reason to put their faith in her abilities to juggle the tasks of high school principal and half-time superintendent, finally right-sized for the district’s needs.

Summertime Community

Summertime and the livin’ is busy, to paraphrase George Gershwin – and thanks to the Islands’ attraction as a travel destination, many of us are like the ants in the fable of the Grasshopper and the Ants. Thanks in great part to the hospitality and tourism “industry” that keeps us busy from dawn to dark in these long summer days, we can make our homes on the island year-round. Those that extend the welcome mat to visitors who come here in the summer are brightening the days that follow, cloudy or uncertain though they may be.

Many of those tourists, travelers, visitors or day-tripping sojourners fall under the islands’ spell and plan far into the future for the day when they can become full-time islanders who build homes, start businesses and populate schools.

Whether just visiting or hoping to move here, these guests patronize our stores, restaurants, parks, tours, and performance venues, and in doing so, enhance all our lives. While we are busy showing off our island hospitality and community spirit, lets be sure to welcome our visitors with a warm smile, patient ear, and helping hand.

We are glad you came to share our home!