Kate Hansen for Fire Commissioner | Letter

My husband, Gene Knapp, served as prosecutor, on the Land Bank, and councilman in this county. He was known for his integrity, his ability to listen and his adherence to the law. He was respected by even those who disagreed with him. I see these traits in Kate Hansen. I’ve known her since she was very young and I’ve watched her grow into the woman she is today.

She comes from a smart family whose roots are deep in the community. As her teacher in high school I watched her become a leader. She was a calm, irresistible force in Key Club. When we did plays she refused to get on stage, but agreed to work as stage manager. Her calm, smart persistence made her look like a pro.

Those traits in her have grown stronger as she matured. Kate not only brings integrity, ability to listen and bring people together, she understands the importance of adhering to the laws, the Open Public Meetings Act and the Public Records Act. She knows the job. She learned it while working in King County’s Northshore Fire Department. Now here she is ready and able to take the job of Fire Commissioner on Orcas.

Kate represents the future of the whole island, not just the people who agree with her. She understands this. She’s one of those bright lights that comes along ready and incredibly capable of leading us into the future. Join me in voting for Kate Hansen for Fire Commissioner for Orcas Island.

Tish Knapp

Orcas Island