Hopes and dreams for the new year | Editorial

Every year, we ask our readers to tell us what they hope for in the new year. For some, it’s about fitness and health. For others, it’s about finding balance in our daily lives.

Here is a sampling of what islanders are planning to accomplish in 2014.

• To treat all of humanity as family.

• To participate in a fitness competition.

• To finally experience the one thing in my life that’s eluded me and that I’ve never enjoyed:  sincerely, truly being in love!  You know, the knee wobbling, eyes twitching, can’t wait to wake up next to you kind of feeling.

• I resolve to say “yes” to learning new things and “no” to things that keep me from learning new things.

• To slow down, be present in each moment, and trim away all that is unnecessary or doesn’t bring me joy.

• To care more about what I think of others – not what they think of me.

• To become the healthiest version of me possible, and to wrap the beautiful Orcas outdoors into my workout routine.

• To write and paint more and submit more poetry to publications.

•  I am calling mine a revolution. I don’t like resolution because they get broken! Mine will be to create more artwork for me so it can feed my creative soul.

• To make bigger gains in the gym; to be nicer; to make more money; to travel more often.

• To quit smoking – forever. I want to quit and never light up again for the rest of my life.