Holiday traditions bring us together | Editorial

Holiday traditions bring us together | Editorial

Close your eyes for a moment and envision what the holidays mean to you.

I see twinkling lights, frost on branches, mugs of tea, board games, gift giving, laughter with family, naps, carols, the dawn of a new year and a sensation I can only describe as warmth in my heart.

Holiday traditions can vary widely but a common thread running through them all is spending time with those you love.

We asked our readers to share some of their favorite activities to do this time of year. We hope you feel inspired!

• Hunting for the perfect Christmas tree at a farm or in the woods.

• Baking cookies and delivering them to family and friends. It’s a holiday tradition from my mom.

• Solstice sundown hike around Cascade Lake. Great way to come back to the sun and celebrate the season.

• Helping Santa to write personalized letters and including Advent calendars for all of the dear children in my life. So much fun for the entire extended family!

• Pie contest where “pie happens.”

• Hanging stockings on the mantle for every member of the family.

• Singing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs.

• Making Christmas cards and adding new people each year to send them to.

• An ugly sweater party with all of our friends and family.

• Our Christmas meal is made entirely from scratch.

• I make my own Krampus card and give it to my friends and family.

• I used to play Santa’s helper when I was growing up and pass out everyone’s gifts to them one at a time wearing the bow from my first present. We always had a stew my grandma made for Christmas Eve and did our present opening then.

• All of our pets receive gifts.

• Going on a vacation.

• A white elephant office party.

• Donating to a cause I feel passionate about.