Goals and aspirations for the new year | Editorial

Every year, we ask our readers to tell us what they hope for in the new year. For some, it’s about fitness and health. For others, it’s about finding balance in our daily lives.

We are happy to report that some of last year’s resolutions (running a marathon, going to the gym) were accomplished! Woohoo!

Here is a sampling of what islanders are planning to accomplish in 2015.

• Do everything I can to make as many dogs’ lives better.

• Slow down and live in the moment.

• Eat less sugar.

• To make one person each day smile.

• Be happier with myself.

• Procrastinate less.

• Climb Mt. Rainier.

• Complete a seven-day juice fast.

• Be proactive about things I really want. Go after what I want for the future.

• Read more, learn more, dance more.

• Quit smoking.

Jeanette Pavini in her blog posting “10 Tricks to Help You Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions” on Huffington Post, offered the following advice.

1. Set short-term goals for long-term results.

2. Make your resolution about the journey, not the outcome.

3. Schedule time for your resolution.

4. Employ the buddy system.

5. Keep records.

6. Celebrate little victories.

7. Reassess your resolutions.

8. Don’t give up easily.