Come meet Mike Lapointe, Independent Candidate for Congress

By David Turnoy

The proposed Cherry Point coal terminal in Bellingham and the growler jet noise on Whidbey Island are issues that make us angry. We wonder why no one in a position of authority is addressing them. Finally, we now have a chance to support someone who will do something: Mike Lapointe, independent candidate for Congress

Mike Lapointe, an independent from Everett, has been a machinist and a union officer with the Electrical Workers Union, has worked at a shelter for teens, and was involved with the Occupy Movement. Mike is currently co-owner of a coffee shop in Everett that serves as a community meeting place for organizations and a venue for various events. Teenagers from the shelter where Mike worked are brought there to receive work experience.

Mike believes that the two major parties, especially at the national level, are owned by large campaign donors. Therefore, he is running as an independent to represent the 99 percent of us who are not such donors. Mike accepts no corporate contributions, and if elected, he would want input from the public, regarding this seat in Congress as the people’s seat and standing up for what is right.

Here is what Mike would do on our two major local issues:

Growlers: Mike would go to the Navy to stop the flights. He will accept no corporate contributions nor be tied to defense contractors, so Mike will be able to represent what is best for the people.

Coal terminal, oil trains: Mike would do everything he could to stop them.

On other important issues, Mike favors a livable minimum wage, income taxes need to be more progressive along with fewer corporate tax breaks and shifting subsidies from fossil fuels to green energy, and we need to reform campaign finance. We must end our involvement in wars, bring our troops home and provide jobs for them, and cut defense spending but increase VA spending. Government should not be able to come between a woman and her doctor, and “free trade” treaties should be dumped. Mike would get rid of assault rifles and require registration of other guns, but he says we need to have a national conversation about gun violence and the reasons for it, like stress and lack of jobs, as gun violence is a symptom of what is wrong with our society.




Come meet Mike Lapointe at the Farmers Market on the stage of the Village Green in Eastsound this Saturday, July 26, at NOON. At 1:00, in an effort to broaden participation among local Democrats, there will be a meeting near the stage on the Green of anyone considering him/herself to be a Democrat for voting on whom the San Juan County Democrats should endorse for Congress in the upcoming primary. We have invited Mike as well as Rick Larsen, though it seems the latter has a conflict. Votes from Orcas will be added to votes from Lopez and San Juan to decide who will receive the endorsement. Please participate.







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David Turnoy is a retired school teacher, author, and Vice Chair of the San Juan Democrats for Orcas Island.