Cindy Wolf for County Council | Letter

I met Cindy at a community meeting in the wake of the 2016 presidential election. While there was a feeling of disbelief among all 100+ citizens present, the women seemed largely in shock, and silent. It was therefore notable when Cindy rose to speak, sharing her observations on what had just happened, and what we needed to do about it. This community meeting would go on to spur the creation of the Orcas Women’s Coalition (OWC), and I have had the honor of working alongside Cindy as a founding member for four years.

I am impressed by so many of Cindy’s leadership qualities: a tireless commitment to community; her ability to balance family, work and activism; the willingness to do the unglamourous behind-the-scenes work that enables real change to happen; her understanding that working toward equity means sharing power. All these qualities make Cindy an exceptionally qualified candidate.

The trait that sets Cindy apart, especially in this perilous moment, is her insight. Time and again I have witnessed Cindy showing up informed, listening intently, and arriving at the crux of the issue. Her ability to maintain an open mind while remaining profoundly practical has been invaluable for OWC. At a moment when so much hangs in the balance, we need Cindy’s strengths on our County Council.

I am proud to endorse Cindy Wolf, and urge my fellow islanders to join me in voting for the change we need in county government.

Caitlin Leck

Orcas Island