‘Building the blue wall’

‘Building the blue wall’

by Senator Kevin Ranker


With the election of Manka Dhingra, Democrats gain control of the Washington State Senate and we finished building the Blue Wall between California, Oregon and Washington. Today we begin implementing an agenda that truly represents our core values. We will now block Trump along the entire west coast. We will not only protect the rights of all people – LGBTQ, Immigrants, Women, Children, the Poor, but we will support them. We develop and pass policies that support Mental Health, Homeless, Education (both higher and k-12) and the Environment. Today is an incredible day. One I have dreamed of for five years, but was overwhelmed by since the election last November. This incredible accomplishment happened because thousands of you did more than you have ever done in so very many ways. You are incredible. I am so very proud to get to represent so many wonderful, special caring people.

I sincerely thank you for empowering me to do more!

Take some time to reflect upon this remarkable accomplishment. Celebrate and enjoy the people around you. Build your energy and recognize your part in this, whether directly supporting the special election of Manka that flipped the Washington State Senate, or joining the Women’s March or another protest or writing postcards, making phone calls or giving money, your part in this Resistance is beginning to make very real and powerful progress. It is very important to recognize and celebrate accomplishments… take a moment to recognize yours.

We must also however remember… we are not done. We need to build our strength and begin the focus on 2018. We must work with to build our majorities in Washington State and we must focus on Congress. We must take our country back and ensure that all of our leaders are motivated by kindness and love. That our laws protect and celebrate diversity, community and raise each of us to have healthy and happy lives.

On the eve of this election, I found myself reflecting upon the conversation I had with Stella, the incredibly brave trans girl, who inspired much of my Hope and Action talk I gave early this year around the state about what we can do to make a difference. She left me with something I shared during those talks that is even more powerful and appropriate today…

“If you see anything on Facebook or Twitter that advocates for anything that you support… do it. Show up and support that cause. Also any sort of protest, I would say, go do it. Fight for what you know and think is right. And do it not only for the people you know but do it for yourself. Support business, organizations and people who also believe in the same values. Use your voice. Stand up for others. Most of all be kind, to yourself and others.”

Most of all: be kind to yourself and others. Let us all be motivated by Stella’s words as we advance our agenda in the coming year.