An open letter of gratitude


I have recently had an acute emergency situation that put me in the hospital with surgery, cat scans and a few days in the ICU.

Due in part to my terrific doctor/ surgeon and his capable crew, I ‘m out the other side. I’m now driving, working (some) and feeling stronger and clearer each day.

The other part of my miraculous(really) recovery is because of all of you; your support, healing prayers and generosity. I know who some of you are, but there as been such a downpouring of love, prayers, payment of bills, and deposits with my bank account, I have no idea who a great many of you are. The choice for anonymity of course is yours. I just want to say Thank You from the deepest part of my heart. This is why living in this community is such a joy!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Libby Cook

Orcas Island