A local pilot’s opinion on the airport master plan | Guest column

A local pilot’s opinion on the airport master plan | Guest column

by Clark Cundy

Special to the Sounder

Here are my thoughts on the Eastsound airport.

1. Current level of service capabilities should remain intact.

2. Mt. Baker Road stays where it is. Runway pavement shortened to get Mt. Baker Road out of the runway protection zone.

3. Relocate main taxiway to west of the runway from parallel taxiway/taxilane center line 150-240 feet to meet Federal Aviation Administration specifications. Keep existing taxiway to existing terminal, hangars and tie downs. Allow for modification to standard exception to FAA Standard.

4. Widen main Runway west and maintain ancillary FAA zones to meet FAA Spec. Options: runway width from 60-75 feet west or runway; shoulder Width stays the same 10 feet; runway safety area width from 120-150 feet; runway safety rea length beyond runway end from 240-300 feet; if any of the zones don’t fit, modify to existing plus whatever there’s room for and ask for modification to standard specification.

5. Terminal location stays the same. Commercial and general aviation unload and loading area. Parking lot stays the same for passenger access. Money to upgrade appearance, etc., but keep the flavor of the building intact and retro. Biplane hangar stay intact, upgrade appearance et, but keep the flavor of the building intact and retro.

6. New cargo hangar well west of the main runway, proximal to taxiway exits for FedEx, UPS, et al. This is to allow for an upgrade to a new cargo facility allowing for better working conditions for people staging incoming and outgoing cargo. Relocation of the cargo hangar also separates those aircraft from passenger aircraft on the opposite side of the field. New roadway to egress to cargo hangar.

7. Old dog park and pea patch on the southeast corner of the airport property should stay open space and be designated to the community into perpetuity. No new hangars in this area. Hangars, no matter how they are built, are ugly metal buildings. New hangars could be constructed on the west side of runway in the cargo hangar area. All that would meet FAA separation specifications. This would help maintain property values along North Beach and Mt. Baker roads. Current hangars, business, etc., can remain in the existing eastern area. They would be listed under the east side of airport MOS.

8. Aircraft noise abatement. Any and all methods of noise abatement technology to quiet the place down for the surrounding neighborhoods. Commercial carriers would use new controlled air routes or vector highways and fly the channels versus flying over terrestrial island areas. This would keep the noise over the water. General aviation flyers would have no change or restriction that isn’t already in place.

9. Fuel Depot. Keep existing 100 octane available to local general aviation flyers using the airport. No new JetA fuel tanks. Providing JetA would only enhance the airports availability to expanding into the bigger aircraft.

Cundy grew up on Orcas in the ‘60s and moved back several years ago. He is a former private pilot.