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In 2012 I was served with a Notice of Violation on my Deer Harbor Boatworks property two weeks after I appealed a building permit. I was told I must have a building permit for a storage container in storage, for a boathouse in for repairs, and for tents on wheels used to contain dust. I immediately asked for more information about the code, as I was told in 2007 by a previous Code Enforcement officer, Jeff Wasnick, that they were no violations as my property is zoned an Industrial Outdoor Storage Yard so a storage container is allowed. I am a permitted boatyard so repairs to a boathouse is allowed. My permit conditions require windbreaks to contain contaminates and dust and the tents provide such windbreaks and Jeff told me they were allowed.

You took me to court twice on this and the second time your attorney rescinded the Notice of Violation before the judge issued a ruling.

I submitted a Request for Code Interpretation in November 2015 with the appropriate fee and received a letter back from CD&P denying my request and containing three false statements. I asked CD&P and you to explain those false statements and I was met with silence.

There are several serious issues here. A Code Enforcement was issued two weeks after I filed an appeal and after two previous Code Enforcement Officers looked at the same data and told me there were no violations. I was prevented from getting answers to possible code infractions and taken to court for a perceived violation that was dismissed by you before a verdict could be rendered. Your department head made false statements about me and then ignored a request to explain herself with no consequences that I see. You continue to ignore my attempts to get a code interpretation on my property.

I have tried phone conversations, e-mails, face to face discussions, two court hearings, and a meeting with your attorney who said I could ask you questions, yet no answers. Will it take a campaign donation to get answers?

Michael Durland

Deer Harbor