A brighter future for solid waste | Editorial

It looks like the tradition of “reduce, reuse, recycle” will be carried on despite a shift in how solid waste is handled.

We couldn’t be happier.

The county announced last week that as part of its transition to a new solid waste system, beginning Sept. 1, San Juan Sanitation will provide recycling service in addition to garbage pickup.

San Juan Sanitation is the solid waste collection company approved for work in San Juan County by the Washington State Transportation and Utilities Commission.

After voters rejected parcel fees to pay for solid waste last November, we were unsure if the new system of curb-side collection would include recycling. This news is a big relief.

Now we just need to know what will happen to the Exchange.

The county is currently accepting proposals for the Orcas transfer station facility. The continued operation of those facilities depends on whether suitable bidders come forward.

One of those interested parties is the Exchange, which currently offers a place for islanders to donate and pick up reusable items at the transfer station. Even if it doesn’t get the bid, Public Works Director Frank Mulcahy is confident the Exchange will thrive.

“It’s a brave new world, still I think those that know and love the Exchange will support it no matter what. I think there is life after self-haul,” he said.

We think this new era for solid waste is going to be great thing for our county.