Rivkah Sweedler | Passages

Rivkah Sweedler died from cancer on July 31, 2022.

Rivkah died as she lived her life, in the woods, in her yurt amidst her eclectic collection of clothes, baskets, books, weavings, carvings and beautiful art. Most of her earthly belongings were artistic pieces created by her or her large circle of friends and family. She was a beloved eccentric who lived off the grid for almost 50 years, committed to a holistic do-no-harm to the earth lifestyle. Everyone who met her recognized her as a unique and gifted loving friend.

In her final days, she insisted on making coffee on her wood-burning stove, continuing to eat only organic food, instructing others how to dispose of her recycle items, and challenging family and friends to games of croquet and Yahtzee. She declared that 2022 was the BEST summer of her life.

She was surrounded by the loving presence of family and friends — her daughters: Jesica Sweedler DeHart, Hilary Chentow, Marci Borenstein, sons-in-law Dennis DeHart, Joram Borenstein; grandchildren: Emmit DeHart, Asher DeHart, Karishma Levy, Kalyan Levy, Eitan Borenstein, Rina Borenstein, Dalia Borenstein; sister Harriet Miller, sister-in-law Monica Wehrle; and trusted loving partner, Tim Ordwing.

In her passing, she has bestowed her flower garden of family and friends with a wonderful legacy that will be remembered forever as they contemplate the meaning of life, love, friendship and family. She has taught each of us how to live each day and a whole new way to die.