Owl | Passages

With a name like Owl, how could she be anything less than fearlessly unique, daring and independent? After living and traveling all over the states, Owl came to Orcas in her early 40’s.

Owl’s first home on the island was Doe Bay. Orcas Island was to become her home on and off for the rest of her life. While on Orcas, Owl held a wide variety of jobs and owned many businesses such as Owl’s Odd Jobs, Owl’s Bagels and Art, and the Corner Gypsy, illustrating her yearning to “gather no moss.” Truly, by helping people through her readings and companionship, she belonged to the community of Orcas, which was open, inventive and supportive. It is on this island that Owl also discovered a love of contra dancing, which has been a major source of happiness throughout her life.

In 2005, when Owl’s daughter moved to Australia, Owl’s feet began to itch. She had returned to Orcas, after a short hiatus in Chicago. Finally, she was prompted to pursue her lifelong goal of teaching and made the adventurous move to South Korea. In South Korea, Owl realized that one of her roles on this earth was to be a pioneer, to clear the path for others to follow. She took this to heart as she was continuously innovating, creating and breaking barriers, even in a country where it was difficult to communicate with locals. Her journey in Korea encompassed teaching those around her about embracing life, taking control, and to live in the present moment. She took it upon herself to be an advisor, coach, and motivator to the young people of the university where she taught. Age was never a barrier for her; she found herself tapping into her lifelong experiences to advise the less-experienced, but also fully enjoying the youth around her with nights out dancing. She always enjoyed being a student as well as a teacher, taking creative writing classes, studying the piano, and receiving tutoring in the Spanish language.

In 2017, Owl made the decision to start a new chapter of her life and left Korea to travel around the US, taking a road trip to visit friends from high school in Chicago, staying on the island, and working at the contra dancing festival. In late 2017, she packed up her belongings to stay true to her love of adventure, learning and living life to the fullest, moving to Ecuador to continue teaching English and learn the Spanish language.

She passed away in Ecuador on the 11th of February, 2018. Her final days were celebrated by her friends with singing and readings from her favorite poems.

She is survived by her daughter Taran, beloved cat Sam, and friends from all over the globe.

Her life will be celebrated with a potluck and contra dance at West Sound Hall on the 17th of June from 12 PM to 4 PM. Everyone who knew her is welcome to come and share in a life well-lived.