Merlin | Passages

Merlin of Eastsound passed peacefully away on Monday afternoon at our home in Eastsound. He was surrounded by love just as he had lived to spread love and compassion for so many people over the years.

He came to Orcas Shelter from the Bellingham ASPCA Shelter and what a gift he was! Having had some rough experiences, Merlin was pretty frightened of humans at first and of being left alone but over time and gentle introductions to people of kind heart he blossomed into the full flowering of his loving, generous and sensitive nature. Just one look into his big, brown, soulful eyes and you knew that he understood and was there for you. I think of Merlin as the Ambassador of Love. He made people feel loved. He took them seriously; I’m sure that many painful secrets were whispered in his ears.

When my 15-year-old cat passed away in 2016, I spent my days in grief, unable to get up for a month. Merlin stayed in bed with me until I could face life again. Months later, we adopted three feral kittens from our shelter. When we brought them home and they came out of the carrier, he was so excited, but he got swiped, and he yelped as they set their boundaries. They came to trust Merlin and even slept on his bed! Merlin loved to hike up and down mountains, explore the woods and to greet other dogs and people. Merlin was a Heart Warrior who truly lived to give love to friends and strangers alike.

A message from Merlin: Be of great heart. You can overcome the burdens that you carry. You are bigger than you think you are! I see you. I know the pain and I know the strength that is in you. I look into your eyes and I see God Within You.

PS: Merlin was a harrier. People thought he was a Beagle mix but everything about him was a harrier and a grand one at that! Merlin was a heart warrior who truly lived to give love to friends and strangers alike.