Jordan Jefferson | Passages

Jordan Lynn-Jefferson | Passages

Jordan Lynn-Jefferson was born on October 29, 1983, in Van Nuys, California to Howard (Jeff) and Suzanne Lynn-Jefferson.

Jordan came to Orcas in 1997 to visit his dad. When his mother came, several months later intending to pick up Jordan and return to California, she instead fell in love with the beauty, safety, and community of the island and, with the prompting of Jordan, together they decided to make Orcas their home.

Jordan attended OIHS and graduated with honors in 2001. He received a full scholarship to the University of Washington yet chose instead to stay on Orcas and, together with his mother, raise his two-year-old son, Jordan.

He first worked at the Orcas Hotel then moved on to working in construction as a carpenter and then as an electrician. At the time of his death, having all the requirements and hours necessary, he was studying to take the tests to become a licensed certified electrician.

Jordan is survived by his mother, Suzanne Lynn-Jefferson; father Jeff- Jefferson; son Jordan Colin Lynn-Jefferson; grandson, Izaac Aaron Lynn-Jefferson; aunts (Mia Bunch, Adele Massaro, Tracy Jefferson Foy, Lisa Massaro, Linda Massaro); uncles (Robert Massaro, Peter Massaro, Jon Massaro, Andrew Lynn-Jefferson, Michael Lynn-Jefferson, Anthony Mostrom, Dean Mostrom); grandparents (Mona Towns and Lynn Lynn-Jefferson) and many more extended family.

A memorial service and celebration of life will be held at Orcas Island Community Church in Eastsound at 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 10.