Jeff Dickson

Jeff Dickson

8-18-1961 to 11-13-2012

Jeff Dickson was the oldest child of Joseph Clark Dickson and Joan Lee Pojman. Jeff grew up in Altadena, Calif. He attended John Muir High School in Pasadena, Calif. and Pasadena City College.

He held a software engineering/programming position at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena (1981 – 1999).

In 1999, Jeff moved to Orcas and never left until the summer of 2011 when, due to his illness, had to move back for few months to California to undergo chemotherapy. He then returned to his beloved Orcas where he spent the remainder of his days. Jeff was always interested in the details of electronics and loved hiking and riding his mountain bike on the beautiful trails of Diamond Lake and Moran State Park. He had a passion for nature, classical music and an unending curiosity for the physical universe.

He had his own unique perspective on life and death and maintained his sense of humor to the end. He lived simply and didn’t ask for many things. He loved his dog, Odie, had his own home, and that was enough for him.

Jeff had a kind generous soul, and will be remembered dearly by all those whose lives he touched.

Jeff is survived by his mother, his sister Jill Maureen Meza, his nephew Bo Stump and niece Lindsay Stump. He is loved and is missed very much.