Deniese (Niecey) Diane Evans | Passages

Deniese (Niecey) Diane Evans passed away peacefully in her sleep on Dec. 16, 2023, surrounded by loved ones after a courageous battle against Leukemia. Born on May 6, 1959, Deniese lived a life of deep passion and elegance, with her compassionate heart in the forefront from beginning to end. Her great sense of style, innate artistic abilities, love of animals, history, and her adventurous soul drove her to live a fulfilled life.

Deniese was adopted by the proudest of parents Neal and Glennette Evans, who raised her and her brother Ron in the small city of Prosser, WA. At an early age, she proved to be a brilliant mind and an avid reader with a heart and soul that yearned for adventure. She developed an undeniable work ethic working at her family-owned grocery store “The Evans Brothers Supermarket.”

Deniese attended Prosser High School, where she would continue to accelerate in her accomplishments, honors, and academics. She involved herself in ballet, tennis, became a candy striper, played piano and took part in youth group, and would later become a Sunday School teacher, deepening her love and understanding of her Faith. A pivotal class trip to Europe would leave an impacting impression on her heart and further fuel her love of style, history, and adventure as she entered into her adult life and set out into the world.

She would go on to attend Whitworth College and grow in her faith and love of learning. After graduating Deniese moved to Seattle. Becoming a make-up artist, managing a cosmetic brand at Northgate, and working on her modeling portfolio. All the while continuing to create and work on her art and paintings.

She returned to Prosser to work at the family store, and began another successful business in nail artistry, endearing herself to many local women.

Deniese’s love for art continued as she followed her passion to Orcas Island to learn from her soon to be mentor, neighbor, and friend the respected Jean Putman. It was then she knew that Orcas had become her forever home.

The very home where Deniese would go on to meet and marry Kirk Troutman, become a mom to three whom she loved dearly and took on raising as her own.

Deniese dedicated decades of her life to her work at the Island Market. There she found her second family and home away from home. Deniese was a mischievous playful prankster at heart. Locals could always count on the goofy “Irish” lady who was famous for her unbeatable charisma, quirkiness and, of course, her St. Patty’s corned beef and cabbage spread in the Market Deli. Through her dedication to the community and her work, Deniese stole the hearts of all who crossed her path.

Deniese’s passion for life, her dogs, her family, and her friends near and far will always be cherished. Constantly staying inspired with her gardening, her walks, combing the beaches for treasures, and many days being out until the sun set. Oftentimes she could be found up to her elbows in dirt, gardening till her heart’s content, where she allowed her artistic abilities to flow from paper to planter year after year.

Deniese is survived by her children, Heather Troutman, Kathryn Troutman, and Christopher Troutman, along with seven grandchildren. Her nephew, Heath Wheeler, cousins Crystal Riser, Amber Riser, and Kevin Shaddy. She was recently blessed to find the missing puzzle piece that was her biological family, meeting and developing relationships with her four half-sisters Sharon Bresner Chiurazzi, Shelia Wallin, Brenda Heisler and Dianna Dix.

She was preceded in death by Neal, Glennette, and Tommy Evans, Ron and Gayle Wheeler.

A memorial service for Deniese will be held at Orcas Community Church on Saturday, March 9 at 11:30 a.m.