Conrad Parker Hogle | Passages

Conrad Parker Hogle | Passages

On June 29, 2017 our boy Conrad was killed in a tragic accident. He was doing what he loved: climbing trees.

Conrad Parker Hogle was born June 17, 2001. He came to us eight years ago when we were in Eugene, Oregon. His first eight years were not what a child deserves. He had struggles, as any hurt child will.

We tried to find things he liked doing, so he got to experience many different things – from museums to farming, competitive swim club, rowing crew, viola and a dabble in soccer and baseball.

Conrad was not dealt the hand we would wish, but through his struggles, a recurring brightness shone through. He had an ability to take a loss or setback and pick himself up and look at the positive of the next step. He could bounce back like no one we have ever met. It was the only gift his birth parents ever gave him: his ability to look at tomorrow as a better day. His ability to see the silver lining is something we will admire and carry with us.

Conrad loved math, science, music, reading, Dr. Who, computers and burn piles!

The big leap in our boy’s life came when we moved back to Orcas Island. He struggled in school at first, but as we all know, we live in a place that is like no other. The school from top to bottom wrapped their arms around him and helped him to become a better student.

This past year was a big step for Conrad. He played basketball and went to prom, he found teachers who pushed and inspired him. He really opened up and found friends and the comfort and security they can bring.

He had some bumps along the way but he stood there like the good young man he was and accepted the consequence. The whole time our school stood with him and was there to help.

At home Conrad worked in helping us transform our property into a productive farm. He helped build sheds, a coop and a greenhouse. He cared for the chickens and helped make massive compost piles.

He swam in our pond and played with his sisters. He dreamt of futures and explored the woods. It was the best time of his life.

Conrad is survived by his mom and dad Chris and Julie Hogle, his sisters Willa and Nora, his grandparents Marcia Taylor of Orcas Island, Suzanne Lewis and Fritz Bachman of Moab, Utah, Tim Pearson and Dianne Budd of San Francisco/Uruguay and Aunt Samantha Taylor of Bellingham, loving aunts, uncles and cousins, the Pearsons of Portland, the Montes clan of Kailua, Hawaii, Uncle Alex and Cousin Althea from Montana and the Waages of Orcas Island and Conrad’s birth siblings, Jensina and Myckeal of Washington and Oregon. He is also survived by a loving island community that is unlike anywhere else in the world.

Conrad, we will do things everyday and in those we will see you and cherish the moments. Our hearts weep today for the happy future you never got to have.

A memorial gathering is planned for Sunday, July 16, and will be held from 2 to 5 p.m. in the high school cafeteria. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend; feel free to bring cookies or light finger foods to share. Beverages will be provided.