Water management a top county priority

Submitted by San Juan County.

From drought conditions this summer to record rainfall and flooding last month, water management is certainly a critical issue.

San Juan County’s Clean Water Utility, managed by the Department of Environmental Stewardship, serves citizens by addressing storm and surface water infrastructure improvements such as stream culverts and water quality treatment. The Utility also sweeps and maintains public drainage systems in higher density areas, conducts storm water development reviews, evaluates environmental compliance for streams and wetlands, and performs water quality monitoring, to name a few.

Learn about the projects and programs being implemented to protect our water at https://www.sanjuanco.com/1620/Clean-Water

The County Council approved a rate increase for the 2022-23 biennia to support this important work. The Clean Water annual service fees consist of a basic rate of $54.00 for operations and maintenance, and an Island-specific capital rate for approved infrastructure projects on specific Islands ranging from

$0-$78.60 per year. The total service fee per parcel is based on the amount of impervious surface – calculated at 10,000 sq feet per 1 equivalent service unit – which represents a majority of parcels in the County.

With climate change and increasingly severe storm events, the work of the Clean Water Utility will continue to be a top priority for the citizens and environment of San Juan County. The Clean Water Utility strives to protect our fresh water for generations to come.