Warrant for arrest for Eastsound man who escaped work crew

Daniel Dawayne Hall, 31, of Eastsound was charged with escape in the first degree in San Juan County Superior Court on Aug. 22. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

According to the probable cause statement, on July 18, it was discovered that Hall had allegedly removed a GPS ankle monitor that was placed on him on July 16 as part of his in-custody work crew program. The device was located on an embankment in the 1100 block of Dolphin Bay Road, the statement said.

Hall was allowed to serve on a work crew in place of spending two months in jail for a previous conviction for which he pleaded guilty on July 16 for possession of stolen property in the second degree and possession of a controlled substance.

On May 5, a deputy reported having found Hall in a house that was supposed to be vacant, according to the land owner, but appeared to have people living in it. According to the probable cause statement, a backpack was found near Hall containing his identification; stolen bank cards, one from a business that had been recently burglarized; two scales; two hypodermic needles; a spoon; and Q-tips.

Hall also has warrants out for his arrest in Skagit County. He has a previous conviction for solicitation of a controlled substance without a prescription.