Vote of No Confidence in OIFR Chief

International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Local 3911 announces a Vote of No Confidence in Orcas Island Fire & Rescue (OIFR) Chief Scott Williams. Concerns regarding Mr. Williams’ competence and integrity for the job of Chief have been known without resolute action for too long. Our fire department culture is now toxic and the Chief’s job performance is negatively impacting members’ health, daily operations, volunteer response, and the quality of emergency services on Orcas Island.

This message is written by IAFF Local 3911. We are the union representing the eight professional Firefighters/EMTs/Paramedics on Orcas Island.

IAFF Local 3911 is a non-profit labor union. We support Orcas firefighters, defend public safety and maintain the critical emergency services we provide. Local 3911 members serve alongside and support our volunteer colleagues as a critical component of emergency services on the island.

IAFF Local 3911 Members

Vote Roll Call: Do you support a Vote-of-No-Confidence in Chief Williams’ job performance?

Alex C. Paramedic/Firefighter Yes

Bryce H. Paramedic/Firefighter Yes

Chad K. EMT/Firefighter Yes

George S. EMT/Firefighter Yes

Kasey Jo W. Paramedic/Firefighter Yes

Nick K. Paramedic/Firefighter Yes

Probationary* EMT/Firefighter Abstain

Seth Y. EMT/Firefighter Yes

*Probationary = 1st year firefighter