Vikings beat Mt. Vernon Christian in an intense night of basketball

Colleen Smith Armstrong/staff photoBethany Hansen (left) and Halle Thompson during the game against MVC.

Orcas Viking fans left the gym grinning on Friday, Dec. 11 after two major wins against Mt. Vernon Christian.

The girls’ varsity basketball team played an intense, foul-ridden game that tied and went into overtime. Halle Thompson, Katelyn Minnis, Emma Minnis and Joie Zier scored during overtime, bringing the final score to 48-44. It’s the first time in years that the girls’ team has beat MVC. The JV girls also won their game.

The boys’ varsity team hit the court equally hard, in a game that was neck and neck until the fourth quarter, when the Orcas players pushed the lead farther ahead. Fouls were called repeatedly on both teams, and at one point, the Orcas crowd was instructed to settle down or a technical foul would be called against the Vikings. The final score was 64-53.