Vegan potluck on Orcas

For those interested in nutrition, health and animal rights there is a new monthly group starting.

The first “Sunday Veggie Potluck and Movie” will be held on May 1 at 6 p.m. at the Odd Fellows Hall. It is being organized by Lydia Miller and Eric Morris of Pebble Cove Farm.

“What you put in your mouth has broader repercussions,” she said. “We want to inspire people. This group will be a way to meet new people who want to learn something and get inspired.”

The potlucks will feature 100 percent plant-based dishes, so bring vegan items only. To RSVP or get more information, go to or call Eric Morris at 376-4320. Include an idea of what you plan to bring.

The gathering will celebrate a compassionate, healthy and sustainable plant-based lifestyle. Participants can enjoy lively conversation, take home recipes and enjoy yummy food. Everyone is welcome to attend, whether veg-curious, vegetarian, or vegan, says Miller.

The featured film will be the award-winning movie Earthlings, which examines humankind’s dependence on animals for economic purposes (pets, food, clothing, entertainment and scientific research), narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, featuring music by Moby.

“Several of us got inspired to see who else is interested. It will be a really fun gathering once a month and we’ll show an interesting movie. And it’s family friendly,” said Miller.