Unknown man being held in jail for San Juan Island burglary

An unidentified man was charged in San Juan County Superior Court on Oct. 28 for residential burglary. The accused, who court documents refer to as John Doe, was taken into custody on Oct. 26 and is currently being held on $250,000 bail. Bail may be reconsidered should the suspect choose to provide his full name and his date of birth.

The accused’s arraignment is set for 9:30 a.m., Nov. 12.

According to the determination of probable cause, at around 11 p.m. on Oct. 26, a deputy was dispatched to a residence on Kasnyku Lane, off of Misty Isle Drive, regarding a possible burglary in progress. The reporting party claimed there was someone inside of the garage which is attached to the house.

The reporting party told deputies her sister had seen a man wearing a black hoodie and a “greenish” beanie holding a crowbar and looking around when she opened the door to the garage. The witness then reportedly yelled at the accused to leave before locking the door.

When the deputy arrived, he began to search for the suspect, who he claimed as described as a man wearing a hat and black beanie. A second deputy arrived on the scene and apprehended the suspect, according to the probable cause.

When asked for his name, the man looked straight ahead and said nothing, the deputies reported. The man was handcuffed and informed he was being detained for an investigation. The witness identified the suspect as who she had seen in the garage. He was then placed under arrest for residential burglary.

In the man’s belongings were multiple tools commonly used for burglaries, the deputy stated in his probability determination. The suspect allegedly refused to speak to deputies both at the scene and at the Sheriff’s Office. The man reportedly nodded when asked if he could write but still refused to provide his information in writing.

During a preliminary appearance on Oct. 28, Criminal Defense Attorney Colleen Kenimond stated that the suspect was not advised of his rights and had not seen the Determination of Probable Cause, according to court documents. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Teresa Barnett noted the suspect’s lack of communication and was asked by the court to read the Advice of Rights and explain the proceedings to the man.

Barnett then explained to the court the circumstances surrounding the suspect’s arrest and requested the court find probable cause for first-degree burglary, court documents said. She also asked that bail be set at $1 million and should only be permitted to leave custody once he provides his name and date of birth.

The documents continue, adding that the suspects’ fingerprints were taken and the prosecutor’s office is awaiting the results, according to Barnett. She added that the prosecutor’s office is prepared to take DNA and search for the suspect’s identity by other means if necessary.

Kenimond objected to the charge of burglary, noting the crime is more akin to criminal trespass, a gross misdemeanor, according to court documents. She added that since the suspect would not speak to the screener, she was not appointed as his legal representation. The court then appointed her the suspect’s public defender.

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office released a press release stating that it was discovered another burglary took place in a neighboring shed and that a resident of the area had seen the suspect walking down the road. The Sheriff’s Office is seeking information regarding the incidents. The office asks anyone with any information related to the incidents or if you notice you were a victim of burglary or theft to contact Detective Lukas Peter at 360-378-4151.