Two possible heroin overdoses in last week

San Juan County Coroner Randy Gaylord is alerting the public about a possible high-potency batch of heroin after two local deaths.

The body of Brandon Shuff, 42, of Eastsound, was found on the morning of March 5 in a shed next to the post office with drug paraphernalia around him. Thomas Kramer, 25, was discovered dead in his Lopez Island home on March 10. Gaylord said both deaths are likely from heroin overdoses and are being investigated as such.

According to Gaylord, Evans Funeral Home in Anacortes has seen four heroin overdoses in the last two weeks.

“This cluster of deaths suggests that anyone who touches heroin should be highly suspicious of any use and avoid it all costs,” Gaylord said. “It’s like playing Russian roulette. It will take us some time to determine whether there is a high potency of heroin out there that is creating an overdose problem.”