Three big winners in OPALCO’s Island Way raffle

Submitted by Orcas Power and Light Cooperative

Since the OPALCO Annual Meeting in April, co-op members who participated in the Island Way workshops have been entered to win raffle prizes including ten shares of the Bailer Hill Microgrid Project (to be completed in 2022), a Greenworks electric mower, and a Stihl electric blower. The three winning names were announced live on Facebook (@orcaspower) on Friday, Oct. 1, and here they are:

• Heidi Krogstad: ten shares of the Bailer Hill Microgrid Project

• Sam Blackman: Greenworks electric lawnmower

• Sue Bauer: Stihl electric blower

The 2021 Island Way workshops included two solar town halls as well as sessions on the Switch it Up! program, how to get the most from your ductless heat pump, how to use SmartHub tools, and an in-person EV Jamboree. The Island Way workshops will continue in 2022; please let OPALCO know what topics you are most interested in – for Zoom workshops and for the Island Way podcast series ( Contact us at

A total of 437 names were entered into the raffle, with some members entered more than once (one entry per each event they attended). Each entry was assigned a number and an online randomizer tool was used to pick the three names.

The Island Way campaign is designed to help co-op members prepare their homes and businesses for the big transition away from fossil fuels with information, efficiency rebates and incentives, on-bill financing, and opportunities to talk with experts in the field. OPALCO has a strong plan for a healthy, reliable, and affordable energy future. Plug in!