He has been a pilot to helicopters

He has been a pilot to helicopters

January 24, 1973 to October 17, 2013

On the evening of Oct. 17, 2013, Josh, my son, left his body during his final motorcycle ride … an accident in Los Angeles, Calif.

Josh is the father of his daughter, Addison Lopez, 11 months old. Josh is also survived by his whole Earth family: Nikki Lopez, beautiful momma of Addison, both of Pasadena, Calif.; Josh’s Momma Margi Miles of Orcas Island, Wash.; Grandma Jane Bristow of Orcas Island, Wash.; Uncle John and Aunt Sioux Bristow of Sacramento, Calif.; Aunt Anne and Uncle Larry Forsythe of Orcas Island, Wash.; Nephew Cody Wolf of North Dakota; and Josh’s ENORMOUS family of soul-friends pretty much from all over the map!!

On Josh’s Earth journey, he had two main passions: motorcycles and flying. Josh rode motorcycles since he was four years old. He rode with respect, skill, focus. He’s been a pilot to helicopters, private planes, private jets, commercial jets, combined for 15 years.

Josh’s passions expanded into being a Father, Stuntman, Flight Instructor, Actor, Coast Guard Rescue Cutter Swimmer, Contractor, Stand-up Comedian, Musician (playing several instruments), Screenplay Writer, Short Story Writer, Inventor/Designer, Composer, Limo Chauffeur, Real Estate Agent, Philosopher and Healer!!

Josh was a wise, compassionate explorer. He was one of the rare Spiritual Beings actually immersed in the JOY of the Human Experience!! Josh’s presence embedded Hope, Laughter, Innocence, Play in the souls of ALL who knew him. Josh was a quiet, brave teacher. He saw life as mysterious, strenuous, simply magnificent! Josh often said, “Let us always be beginners – free falling into the eternal moments.” Josh embraced his uniqueness and celebrated his connection with all that is … his inherent “gypsy blood” opened the world to his expansive visions and absolute respect for life!

Josh “saw” us individually. He had the gift of finding our “mirrors” we had tossed aside; gently handed it back to us; lovingly reminded us to wipe off the fear and see our “self” again with clarity and hope. Josh, our mirrors are in hand!

Some of Josh’s thoughts:

“If we can learn anything from dogs, it’s that no matter what never give up, and keep on wagging your happy ass tail through this beautiful life.”

“My friends listen up: whatever you are putting off, delaying, waiting for the perfect time or just plain afraid of, NOW is the time to accomplish whatever it is you want or need to do. There is no tomorrow,there is only the NOW. Go forth and be as great as I know you can be.”

“The most amazing thing I can think of today is the fact that we are all in this together. Only one chance to live this one life, the one way it should be lived, without fear. It is just life; you can’t take it with you, but you can sure leave a lasting impression. Go forth and live it.”