Tented trespass, search surprises, bygone bikes | San Juan County Sheriff’s Log

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls.

March 13

• A San Juan deputy took a report from a hospital off-island that had requested a pickup of a sexual assault kit that was obtained after an alleged report of sexual assault occurred in San Juan County. The case is under further investigation.

• A deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle on San Juan for an expired registration. The driver received citations for not having a valid license with ID and not having insurance.

• A deputy on San Juan stopped the driver of a vehicle with defective taillights. The driver was issued a citation for operating a vehicle without insurance and was given a verbal warning for defective taillights.

March 14

• A Lopez deputy responded to a citizen assist call.

• A deputy responded to and documented an animal problem on Lopez.

• On Lopez, deputies were dispatched to a non-injury accident.

• A San Juan deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle for not wearing a seatbelt. The driver was issued a criminal citation for driving with a suspended vehicle registration, a citation for failing to wear a seatbelt, and multiple warnings.

• A deputy responded to a report of a juvenile problem on San Juan. The deputy discussed resources with the parent, and the incident was documented.

• On San Juan, a deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle and issued them a citation for speeding – 43 mph in a posted 25 mph-speed zone.

March 15

• A Lopez deputy was dispatched to a threats call.

• A deputy was contacted about a theft in Friday Harbor. After speaking with the person, the deputy learned the item had been misplaced.

• A San Juan deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle because the driver had a suspended driver’s license. The driver was arrested for driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license – third degree. During a search of the vehicle, 36 empty cans of beer were located along with seven liters of nitrous oxide.

• A San Juan deputy took a report of threats that was found to be a juvenile problem. No crime appeared to have occurred and all the parties were advised of potential solutions.

• A driver on Lopez was issued a citation for speeding – 48 mph in a 35-mph zone, and a citation for not having proof of vehicle insurance.

March 16

• San Juan deputies responded to a report of a vessel drifting with two intoxicated males onboard. Deputies arrived via patrol vessel and observed an individual with a large amount of blood on them. That individual was transported for medical treatment, and another was arrested for second-degree assault – domestic violence.

March 17

• A deputy on Orcas responded to a citizen dispute. The reporting party wanted the incident documented.

• A deputy on San Juan took a report of stolen bicycles from Roche Harbor. One bicycle was recovered, and deputies determined that the bikes were removed and donated by the property owner because they were in the bike rack for too long.

March 18

• A deputy on Orcas contacted a person who was camping in a Land Bank parking area on Orcas. The person agreed to leave without further issue.

• On Orcas, a deputy was dispatched for a possible DUI and found the subject of the call was not impaired.

• Lopez deputies were dispatched to investigate a death. The investigation is ongoing.

• A Friday Harbor woman was trespassed from several local businesses for shoplifting.

March 19

• A deputy responded to a call about a wallet found in Eastsound and was able to contact the wallet’s owner.

• A deputy on San Juan responded to a report of possible vandalism. A resident returned home to find pipes damaged and valves changed to different positions. The deputy found no suspect information or workable leads.

• Deputies responded to a report of an unwanted person on property on San Juan. A family member showed up at a house unannounced, yelling, and refused to leave. The individual eventually agreed to be seen by EMS and was transported to the hospital.